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Investor Relations

An effective investor relations program is fundamental for any organisation committed to enhancing the value of their business. Having a targeted, well-crafted investor relations program in place will attract and expose prospective and existing investors to positive messages about your company as well as enhancing the investment community's perception of your business, resulting in informed investors, analyst recommendations and rising company valuations.

At D H Flinders we have comprehensive knowledge of the investment community and the financial media in order to develop and implement effective new investor relations programs or enhance existing programs. We work with small to medium size public companies; private companies that plan to go public; and private companies that have a broad investor base.

D H Flinders assists public companies, from gaining more analyst coverage of your stock to creating a compelling annual report. For private companies D H Flinders can assist with providing a mechanism to keep investors informed and to being on the radar for top tier private equity firms. More specifically, D H Flinders can:

  • Provide strategic advice on developing a strong, clear structured investor relations strategy aligned to overall business strategy
  • Addressing and communicating remuneration reporting and good corporate governance guideline matters including diversity.
  • Ensure the communication message is consistent with the strategic direction of the company and is delivered on a timely basis, in full compliance with securities laws, to shareholders, the investment community and financial media
  • Identify key message to communicate and ensure all communication is clear and consistent
  • Assist companies to appropriately market and position their corporate communication to the investment community
  • Raise awareness levels of your company in the minds of existing and potential investors and educate and inform them
  • Ensure there is an appropriate mix of investors
  • Broaden the base of investor relationships from leveraging off our established relationships with key institutional and retail investors; brokers and analysts
  • Gather ongoing feedback from a number of market sources to continue to enhance your investor relations program
  • Utilise our experience to create key investor-oriented documents including:
    • Content for investor presentations
    • IPO prospectuses
    • Annual reports
    • Press releases
    • Investor emails
    • Private placement memorandums
  • Organise structured events like conferences, seminars, sales meetings, trade-shows to show-case your message to investors, analysts and financial media.

At D H Flinders we leverage an extensive network of strong relationships with analysts, investment banks, financial media, institutional investors and venture capital firms, to generate continued interest in your company.

D H Flinders has developed the Asian and Australian Microcap Investment Conferences in order for smaller listed companies to raise their profile amongst the professional investment community.

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