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Leadership Development

Successful organisations know the importance and value of investing in their next generation of leaders, in order to achieve sustained growth and competitive advantage.

D H Flinders has developed a number of Leadership Development Programs that can be tailored to the unique needs of the organisation. The D H Flinders Leadership Programs are designed to equip managers with the skills they need to excel as leaders.  With increased confidence and skills these leaders are able to effectively take on greater responsibilities and ultimately drive performance throughout the organisation.

Some of the Leadership Development Programs offered by D H Flinders that can be tailored to your organisation include:

Leaders of Tomorrow Program

The Leaders of Tomorrow Program, is targeted at outstanding managers who have been identified as having the potential to be fast tracked for promotion opportunities in the organisation. Coaching will assist them to prepare and achieve their personal business plan, and to develop the depth and breadth of skills required to strengthen the business case for consideration of them for promotion.

Skill development will focus on leadership; profiling internally and externally; presentation skills; understanding the business drivers in the organisation; business development; delegation and building a team.

Coaching is a proven, highly effective way of assisting senior managers to focus their energy and attention on specific skill development to build their skills and to optimise the use of their limited time.

New Leader Program

Many managers who have been promoted to the next level experience difficulties in transitioning into their new role as leader in the organisation. What once they considered as the ‘ultimate’ goal, they quickly realise is just the beginning as they have additional pressures placed on them.

At first there is the euphoria in being promoted and then the self doubts begin to creep in over the ensuing months. Many claim this to be a difficult period, as it is usually compounded by not having anyone to talk to about their concerns, fears or aspirations.

Coaching provides a confidential, supportive environment to explore the myriad of issues that arise during this period, and to put strategies in place to address issues enabling the new executive to successfully build the role they have aspired to create.

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